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Board of Directors

The Canal Winchester Chamber works with ALL area businesses to help them be successful. The chamber is a natural connection between local leaders, the community and businesses. We want to be a valuable resource and believe we’re successful when we are all communicating a clear vision and plan for the community. Our role is to find ways we can all work together to create a successful, thriving community. A community that is open, welcoming, supportive and fun is the Canal Winchester we all love.

Board Member

Denise Mathias

Financial Advisor,
Edward Jones


2021 - 2026

Leslie Headshot

Leslie Thornton

Bookkeeping Bliss


2020 - 2024

Dee Dee Dade

Dee Dee Doling-Dade

Owner & Licensed Therapist,
3D Pathways Counseling and Consulting Services


2024 - 2026

Board Member

Stacey Collins

Administrator/Chief Nursing Officer,
Diley Ridge Medical Center

2022 - 2024

Board Member

Chris Goettee

Site Director,
Nationwide Children's

2024 - 2026

Mary Cox _1

Mary Cox

Branch Manager,
Canal Banking Center

2023 - 2024

Cori Rowley

Cori Rowley

Owner & Farmer,
Yellowood Farms

2022 - 2024

Board Member

Nick Grilli

Dagger Law

2022 - 2024

Board Member

Paige Campbell

New Business Marketing,

2022 - 2024

Trina Geyer

Trina Geyer

Business Development Representative,

Wright-Patt Credit Union


Board of Directors Expectations & Benefits

Board Meetings are 9:00 a.m. on the second Thursday of the month, 10 months of the year. Equally split between virtual and in-person. Attendance is required at 8 of the 10 board meetings annually.

Each board director is an ambassador for 12 members. You'll make quarterly calls to these members to invite them to upcoming events and update them on new benefit information.

  • Recruiting new members. Share with your tribe why you joined the chamber and share stories with businesses and people you meet.
  • Know the basics of chamber membership and how dues work.
  • If you are asked a question you cannot answer, it’s okay to say “I don’t know” but follow it up with “I’ll find out for you.” Then follow up or refer them to the appropriate channel/person.
  • Share social media posts from the chamber. This could be upcoming events, job opportunities or new member features. Sharing the chamber’s story with your friends and followers, helps us reach more people.
  • Understand the mission of the chamber, as well as its strategic initiatives, which will help you make decisions and speak more confidently to potential members.

Lead or join one of the following committees

  • Awards Dinner
  • Connections on the Course
  • School Partnership
  • Annual Awards Nominations & Selection
  • Running Scared 5k
  • Networking

As a chamber board member, you are called upon to attend one public event monthly of ribbon cuttings or other public-facing chamber events. These could include new business openings, anniversaries, and public initiatives. Many of these are during the business day and may require a flexible schedule.

Board members are vital during a chamber, community, or world-wide crisis such as the COVID-19 pandemic. We’ve written an article with guidelines for being a great board member, providing support during COVID, but the ideas can be applied to any time of need.

  • Special listing in the Annual Directory/report
  • 50% off Annual Dinner Tickets
  • 50% reimbursement of community event tickets when representing the chamber
  • Enhanced website presence +listing on Chamber website
  • Name and company recognition at January State of the City Address