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  • Welcome to our new and ever expanding Chamber of Commerce website.  We endeavor to bring you the best and most robust benefits from online learning for you and your employees to networking opportunities and a way to put your jobs out there for all to see.  We are pleased you stopped by.  Please take some time and look around let us know what you like and what you don't like.  We aim to please you, our member.



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      Jeff Wyler Employees
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      George Gugle
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      Have Bars Will Travel
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      Daymar College
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      Nationwide Insurance
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      Fairhope Hospice
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      David Lutheran sign ups!
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      Animal Haven Rescue
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      May the Force be With You
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      Delton Smith is ready!
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      Our guests getting pictures with Darth Vadar
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      Scott gill'n
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      Canal Banking
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  • The mission of the Canal Winchester Area Chamber of Commerce is to promote and foster the free enterprise system through economic development, to advocate for local business interests, and to provide investor benefits.